Arulmigu Thillai Kali Amman Temple

Chidambaram, Cuddalore District



Main Deity : ArulmiguThillai Kali Amman

Other Deities : Brahma Chaamundeeshvari, Vinayaka, Veenai Vidhyambikai, Kadambavan Dakshanaroobini.

Prominence of the Shrine : Every year during the Maasi Pavurnami at 06 am in the morning, the Chandran and after two days from the Pavurnami between evening 06 pm to 06:15 pm the Suryan worship let their divine light fall on the Goddess and worship her. The fiery Thillai Kali is sitting facing towards the East. The Gingely Oil Bath [Nallennai Abhishekam ] is very specially done for the Goddess. Kumkumam Kappu is also done. The Goddess is draped with a white Vastra/ Cloth indicating her calmness and blessings to the devotees. It is also a common belief that the Goddess prevents the Married women who worship her from becoming a widow by draping herself with white Vastra like a widow. The Thillai Kali Amman is the controller of the Zodiac Star ‘maham’ . So `the devotees belonging to the Maham star will receive abundant blessings if they worship the Goddess. 

The Goddess “Brahma Chamundeeshvari has four faces like Lord Brahma and sits in a separate Garbagraham facing towards the West. She is very calm and silent and is found to be standing. In the Prakaram, Saraswathi blesses the devotees as “Veenai Vidhyambikai” and Dakshinamoorthy is in woman form and is called “Kadambavana Dakshina Roopini”. The Dakshinamoorthy is in woman form only in this temple.

In this teInIn this this temple, every year during the Vaikasi month, The Vaikasi Thiruvizha takes place for 13 days. It begins every year with the tying of the Vaikasi Kappu [sacred bracelet] . The Abhishekam is done for the Amman every day in the morning and in the evening with Gingely oil [Nallennai], Kumkumam and Sandhanam. Every day in the evening the Goddess goes for Veedhi Ula in various Vahanams like the Boodhagi Vaahanam, Sooryaprabhai and
The most important event is the Therottam Thiruvizha on the Ninth day. On this day, the Goddess will be decorated with colourful flowersand special Abhishekams and Aaradhanais will take place. Maha Deepa Aaradhanai will be taken for the Goddess and a long crowd of devotees will pull the “Ther” [chariot]. The chariot will travel through Four Veedhis [streets] and the huge crowd worships the Goddess there with their family. Then the “Mandagappadi” and Deepaaradhanai [Aarthi] will be taken for the Goddess and then she will reach the temple.
After this “The Theerthavaari Utsavam”, “Kaappu Kalaidhal”, “Manjal Neerattu Vizha” “Muthuppallaakku Utsavam”, and the “Theppa Utsavam” take place in the Sivappiriyai Kulam. The Vaikasi Peruvizha ends with the “Thiru Oonjal Vizha”.

Temple History : Though Lord Shiva told that both Shiva and Shakthi were one, Goddess Shakthi [Parvathi] was not convinced. She argued that Shakthi was more powerful than Shiva. Shiva who was angered by this cursed Shakthi, “You will be separated from me and change as Kali.” Shakthi who did not expect this at all was sad and she realized her mistake . She asked for “Saaba Vimochan” [relief from the curse] to Shiva. But Shiva said “Though this curse was given in anger, the Devas and the Saints [Munivars] are in an impending danger and so you need to save them. Until then you need have extreme anger”. As told by Shiva, the Devas and the saints were tormented by the Asuras. So they requested Kali to help and save them. Kali killed the Asuras and saved them. Since Kali wanted to join Shiva again she meditated to Lord Shiva in Thillai. Even though Kali meditated patiently and calmly for many years, Shiva did not appear. So she became angry again. Thus the people living in Thillai were very much worried. Kali also called Shiva for a dance competition between the two. The Devas and the Saints were very tensed as the goddess had called the “Aadal Nayagan” himself for a competition. She said that she would go to the outskirts [yellai] of Thillai if she lost. They started the competition and Shiva and Shakthi began to dance and the Earth itself began to dance along with them. They danced equally well and it was impossible to tell who won the competition. 

Shiva made the Kundalam [Earring] of his ear fall down. He danced the “Oordhva Thaandavam” and took the Kudalam with the fingers of his leg and placed it back in his ear. Since Shakthi being a woman, could not dance the “Oordhva Thaandavam” in front of thousands of sages and Devas, she accepted her defeat.
Shakthi was angered by Shiva’s tricky method which lead to his victory. She said that his unfair method of winning cannot be accepted as a victory. She was angered more than the previous time. She went to the edge of Thillai and appeared as “Thillai Kali” and also as “Ellai Kali”. Shiva said that he was also in Thillai close to her and that whoever worshipped Him would also worship Her thereby adding to Her divine glory. But Shakthi was not convinced still..
Brahma in order to pacify her sang in praise of Kali and worshipped her as “Vedha Nayagi” and requested her to appear with four faces denoting the four Vedas- Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Hence Kali appears with four faces like Brahma and is praised as “Brahma Chamundeeshvari”. People call her “Thillai Amman” and she will remove all the enemies and bless the devotees with Education, Wealth and Courage. As Shiva told, the devotees who worship Shiva in Thillai are also worshipping Kali who is in the Ellai [outskirts] of Thillai even today.

People who worshipped here : Lord Brahma

People who sang its praise : Brahma, The Devas, and the Saints.

Temple Timings : Morning 06:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
Evening 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Pooja Details : Pooja – four times a day [Naangu Kala Poojai ]. On the days like Sunday Raagu Kaalam, Full Moon [Pavurnami] and New Moon [ Amaavasai ] , Special Poojas will be held for the Goddess Thillai Kali..

Temple Festivals : Navaratri, The Vaikasi Vishaka Peruvizha [ Festival ] takes place for 13 days.

Nearest Town : Chidambaram , Cuddalore District. 

Address : ArulmiguThillai Kali Amman Temple, Chidambaram – 608 001, Cuddalore District.

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