Kailasanadhar Temple



Main Deity : Sri Kailasanadhar.

Structure : With green meadows in Surrounding this temple is located towards the end of the town. The shrine faces the east direction. It is built with an outer corridor, inner corridor and main construction around “Moolavar”. The main entrance faces east while the entrance leading to moolavar faces south. Moolavar Kailasanathar graces the devotees with big 16 patches Linga body.

Puranic Feature : A Brahmin called Poosalar was born in a place called Thirunindravur in In Thondai Nadu. He was skilled in Education, Art and Vedhas . He very much wanted to build a temple for Lord Siva. He had no means for that and this made him woeful. He could not gather the means to build a temple. So he decided to build a temple in his inner self. He sat in a corner everyday and imagined that he was constructing a temple with sculptors and other workers engaged in the construction. Everyday the construction was going on. The surrounding walls, Tower, the dome, mandapam, tank, the chariot for the Lord, Moolavar, Urchavar all having been got readied, Poosalar set a day for the consecration of the temple. Sekkizhar speaks about this in his literature ‘Periyapuranam’.

The same time saw another temple getting ready for consecration. A king called Kadavarkon had constructed a temple for Lord Siva at the western part of Kancheepuram. He had spent a lot on the construction of the temple which was awaiting the day for the conseration. Lord Siva appeared in his dream one day and informed him that He (the Lord) would be participating in the consecration of a temple built by one Poosalar of Thirunindravur on the same day which had been set by the king himself for the consecration of the temple at Kancheepuram. Hence the Lord told him to set some other day for the consecration. The King woke up and recalled the words of the Lord. He proceeded to Thirunindravur. There he found no such temple as the Lord had told him in the dream. At last he went to Poosalar and told him about the dream. Poosalar became excited and wondered at the grace of the Lord. Then he told the King about his dream temple. The King too was struck with wonder and he built a temple in the same town for the Lord and consecrated it. Following this he went on with the consecration of the Kailasanadhar temple at Kancheepuram.

General :  Sage Naradha and Thirumal had worshipped Kailasanadhar here. Around the sanctum sanctorum there is a corridor called ‘Sorga Vaasal’ (the entrance to Paradise). The very entrance and the way out are too narrow to allow a person. It is said that a person who traverses successfully through this corridor has no rebirth.There are some other temples around the outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum. Built on the Pallava Architectural design, this temple is built of ‘sand stone’ . It speaks of the architectural splendor of the Pallavas.

Temple Timings : 8.30 am to 12.00 noon - 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Nearest Town : Kanchipuram.

Address : Sri Kailasanathar Temple,Kanchipuram,Kanchipuram District.

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