Aadhikumbeswara Swamy Temple



Main Deity  : Sri Aadhikumbeswarar.

Ambal : Sri Mangalambigai.

Other Deity : Valanchuzhi Vinayagar, Natarajar, Somaskandar,
Ashtalingas, Pitchadanar, Mahalakshmi, Annapoorani, Kiradhamoorthy, Sooriyan, Chandiran, Saptha Kannigas, Navagrahas, Kumba Munivar.

Holy Water : Soor Theertham.

Temple Tree : VanniTree.

Prominence of the shrine: During the days of great destruction by floods, the pot carrying the heavenly manna or nectar was swept away and it found its shelter in this shrine. Lord Shiva in the disguise of a hunter along with his 600 thaganas as hunters appeared at Bhanapuram a place at the north west of this shrine and broke the pot with an arrow. He revealed the Aadhikumbeswar Lingam as the one made out of the sand made wet by the nectar from the broken pot. Mandra Peedeshwari, the chief among the Shakthi Peedams, showers the eternal beneficence as Mangala Nayagi. Once the nine holy rivers including the Ganges wanted to know from Lord Shiva where they could relieve themselves of the sins of all those who leave their sins with the rivers. Lord Shiva told them to take bath at the Mahamaham Tank in Kumbakonam and get relief. Based on this, on the day of the Maham Star in the Tamil month of Maasi, the Maham festival is celebrated. Once in twelve years the Maha Maham is celebrated on a grand scale when Guru enters the Simma Raasi. It is a national festival. Devotees pour in from all over India. There is a shrine for Kumba Munivar, one of the eleven siddhars at the corner of this temple. Aadhikumbeswarar also makes his presence at the Mahamaham.

Who worshiped here : Kumbamuni, Thirugnanasambanda, Appar, Arunagirinadhar.

Poets who sand in praise : Thirunavukkarasar.

Temple Timings : 6.00 am to 12.00 noon ---- 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Details of Poojas : Six times a day.

Temple Festivals : Chithirai – Sapthasthana Festival,

Vaikasi – Celestial 

Wedding, Purattasi – Navarathri,

Margazhi – Thiruvadhirai,

Maasi – Maham Festival,

Panguni Uttiram – Float festival at the Mahamaha Tank.

Nearest Town : Kumbakonam.

Address : Sri Aadhikumbeswarar Temple,

Kumbakonam - 612 001.

Hotel Near Aadhikumbeswara Swamy Temple, Kumbakonam :

1.Sivamurugan Hotels

60 Feet Main Road, | Near New Bus Stand,

Kumbakonam 612 001, India

Ph: 096000 00384

2.Sara Regency

45/1 Chennai Road, Kumbakonam 612002, India

Ph:082200 05555

3.Quality Inn VIHA 

New Railway Road, Kumbakonam,

Tanjore, Tamil Nadu 612001

Trichy Road, Namakkal

Ph:0435 255 5555

4.Hotel Green Park 

No. 10, Lakshmi Vilas Street,

Kumbakonam, South India - 612001.

Ph :(0435) - 2402853 / 2403914

5.Hotel Vinayaga - Kumbakonam

132C, Kamaraj Road,

Kumbakonam- 612 001

Tamilnadu, India

Tele : +91 435 240 03 56

Telefax : +91 435 240 03 57

Mobile: +91 822 001 9 122

Reservation No: +91 4296 272 110

Restaurant Near Aadhikumbeswara Swamy Temple, Kumbakonam :

1.Venkatramanaa Hotel

No 40, TSR Big Street, Kumbakonam HO,

Kumbakonam - 612001, Near Gandhi Park

Ph : +(91)-9442130736

2.Sri Balaji Bhavan

1, Sasthra College Road,

Kumbakonam HO, KUMBAKONAM - 612001

Ph : +(91)-435-2424578

3.Hotel Shanmuga Bhavan

16, Kumbeswarar South Street,

Kumbakonam HO, KUMBAKONAM - 612001


4.Gowri Shankar Hotel

No 47, John Selvaraj Nagar,

Kumbakonam HO, Kumbakonam - 612001

Ph : +(91)-9443131276 ,+(91)-435-2431177

 tel  : (91)-435-2430736

5.Rayas Garden Restaurant

No 18 Rayas Hotel, Head Post Office Road,

Kumbakonam HO, Kumbakonam - 612001

Ph :+(91)-435-2423170, 2423171, 2423172, 2423173"

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