Today, the 15th day of January 2015, is a very exciting day for us.


A warm welcome to - a unique and growing source of information on the marvellous temples of Tamil Nadu. We are a team passionate about bringing to you everything you would like to know about the majestic history, intriguing mythology and age old rituals that define these temples. We are happy to launch this portal and services today, the 15th of January 2015, on the auspicious occassion of Sankranti. Read on to know more about what you can expect from this beautiful, meaningful experiment.


 What is FindMyTemple?

FindMyTemple is a small attempt to bring you closer to the temples of Tamil Nadu. We have focused on two key aspects - one, getting you rich information on the history, mythology and logistics of temples. Two, helping you reach these temples and perform rituals that each temple is renowned for. To achieve this, we travel to temples, explore the history and literature surrounding the temples and document everything we could find in articles. Explore all the temples from the menu at the top. We also welcome suggestions regarding the content of these articles. Just click on the feedback link in the footer and submit your tips for us.


 Learning about great temples

Articles on each temple are structured to get you information on the history and legacy of the temples. The articles explain the prominence and 'wow factor' for each temple. We have also attempted to get you information useful for travelling to the temples, such as the trains that take you to each holy abode, the address and other contact information. These are possibly the most detailed collection of information on the temples of Tamil Nadu.


Get going !

Would you like to perform a ritual at Amirtha Kadeswarar Temple, Thirukadayur or Vaitheeswaran Temple, Kovil ? These temples are renowned for some key rituals in life. Three types of pooja or marriages are performed at Amirtha Kadeswara Temple. (1) When the couple (groom) completes 60 years then 60th year marriage is conducted. This is called "Sastiyappa poorthi". (2) When the groom hits 70 then 70th year marriage is conducted. This is called as "Beema Radha Santhi" (3) When the groom hits 80 then 80th year marriage is conducted  "Sadaabishekam". At Vaitheeswaran is the abode of the god deemed doctor for all disease. Here pooja is conducted for Vaitheeswaran, Thaiyal Nayagi (Godess) and Angaraghan (sevvai or mars). Special pooja is conducted for the people who has "Sevvai Dosha".

We, at FindMyTemple, help arrange a package plan so you can relax and just reach the destination. Assistance for rituals, booking of pujari - we arrange it all for you. Just click on the Services link in the footer and try us!


So, once again, Welcome!

Please explore our articles and services and let us know how we can serve you better! Our journey on the Temples of Tamil Nadu has just started.

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