Vedha Narayana Perumal Temple

Thottiyam, Tiruchirappalli


Main Deity : Vedhanarayana Perumal, Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi.

Ambal : Vedhanayagi Thaayar.

Other Deities : Hanuman, Garuda Azhwar, Andal.

Theertham : Cauvery.

Temple tree : Vilva Tree.

Prominence of the shrine : The Vedhanarayana Perumal and Vedhanayagi Thaayar in this shrine bless the whole world with wisdom. This temple is located on the northern banks of the River Cauvery. If we worship the Sri Kambatthadi Hanuman and Sri Garuda Azhwar and go inside, we can see the Perumal inside. The blessed feet of the Perumal are under the Vilva tree which is revered by Lord Shiva. Nearby, the Andal Nachiyar blesses the debotees in a separate Sannidhi.

It is a belief that the Perumal having the four Vedas as his headresting pillow on the top of the Aadhisesha is giving Veda guidance and instructions to the Brahma in his cervix [ neck ] . The Sri Devi and the Bhoo Devi are near the feet of Perumal. Below, the Prahalladha appears as a three year old child. This temple which is praised as “Adhi Rangam” or “Mudhal Rangam” is the place where Brahma, Prahalladha, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Garuda, Aaraiyar, Cholas, etc worshipped and got divine sanction.

In this famous Vaishnavite temple, every year in the Vaikasi month, The “Therottam” [Chariot festival ] takes place. The Lord Vishnu along with Ubaya Nachiyar blesses the devotees. After the devotees pull the Ther [ chariot ] with the rope, it comes to a halt. In this temple, every year, on the Vaikunda Ekadasi day, the opening of the “Swarga Vaasal” [ Gate to Heaven ] takes place. In this Ekadasi festival, the “Pagal Patthu” function goes on for ten days.

Every day in the morning and in the evening, the Purappaadu [ round tour of the Lord ] takes place. It is a belief that if we light 27 Agal Deepams [ a kind of lamp ] , and keep our Horoscope [Jaathagam] at the feet of the Lord, offer Archana and worship Him, marriage boons will be granted very soon. It is also a belief that if we ignite 5 Nei Deepams [ Ghee Lamps ] in the temple, and offer Archana with White Lotus flowers for the Lord, upliftment in education, prosperity and wealth in business and job will happen.

Temple History : When the emperor Mahabali took his army towards Mysore for war, he took rest on the way on a sand dune. At that time, the Lord Perumal appeared in his dream and said that on that spot under the earth there was an idol of the Lord. The Lord instructed the king to unearth the idol and build a temple there. He also blessed the king and said that he would be victorious .

After the king got up, he excavated the idol, installed it, built a temple and worshipped there. He established a village there and named it “Thirunarayanapuram”. He granted the lands and the village to the temple’s name and then went to Mysore for war and was very victorious.

Lord vishnu took the Narasimha Avatar to save Prahalladha and to slaughter daemon Hiranyakashipu. When Prahalladha requested to the Lord to give him dharshan in His composed state, Perumal ordered him to come to Thiru Narayanapuram. Accordingly, the Lord appears as Shantha Swaroopa Moorthy and blesses the devotees who come to worship Him here.

To relieve Brahma off his self – pride, the Lord appeared here as Vedha Narayana Perumal and gave Veda Gnanam to Brahma.. Veda Narayana Perumal appears in the Guru Sthanam and as the Adhibadhi of Budan. It is a belief that if we worship here, our Educational knowledge will excel. This place which is now called as “Thiru Narayanapuram” was known as ‘Chathur Vedhi Mangalam’, ‘Vedhapuri’ and ‘Aadhi Rangam’ in the past.

People who worshipped here : Brahma, Prahalladha, Sugreeva, Garuda, Hanuman, Aaraiyar and the Cholas.

Temple Timings : Morning 08:00 a.m to 12:00 noon, Evening 04:00 p.m to 08:00 p.m

Nearest Town : Thottiyam.

Address : Arulmigu Vedhanarayana Perumal temple,

Vedhanarayanapuram, Thottiyam, Tiruchirappalli District.

Telephone Number : 04326-254338.

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No 1, Rockins Road, Tiruchirappalli Townhall,

Trichy - 620002, Opposite Central Bus Stand Contonment 

Tel : +(91)-431-2414737, +(91)-9894558654.


2. Mayavaram Lodge, 

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3. Femina Hotel, (25 km from Temple)

109, Williams Road, Tiruchirappalli 620001,

Hotel Area: Trichy Central Bus Stand / Railway Junction Area,

Tel : 0431 - 2414501.


4. Hotel Rockfort View, (16 km from Temple)

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Mobile: +91 740 2713466.

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5. Grand Gardenia, (23.8 km from Temple)

22-25 Mannarpuram Junction,Trichy-620020,

Mobile : +91 95856 44000.

Tel : +91 431 4045000.


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Thiruvanaikoil, Trichy 620005.


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