Rakkayi Amman Temple



Main Deity : Rakkayi Amman.

Holy Water : Noopura ganga.

Temple Tree : Jothi Viruksham, sandalwood tree.

Prominence of the Shrine : Sri Narayanan (Vishnu) incarnated as Thri vikrama and scaled the universe in his three steps. During this, his feet covered the ‘Brahma loga’ also. Brahma who has been observing a long penance to worship the feet of Vishnu (36,000 years of penance), performed abhishekam to the feet with the ganga water he had in a golden pot (kalasa). The ganga water fell on the anklet and from there it spilled over to the Earth. From then on the ganga water has been gushing forth eternally from the feet of the Lord and thus, it is called ‘Silambaru’ (meaning river from anklet) in Tamil and ‘Noopura Gangai’ in Sanskrit. It is considered holier than all the other rivers on the earth.

Every year, on the Dwadashi day (12th day after the new moon) of Aipasi month the Lord (deity) is bathed in this holy water after massaging with oil. It is believed to be highly auspicious to see witness this festival and seek the blessings of the Perumal on this occasion.

Temple History : Sage Sudhapa, while bathing in Noopura ganga, failed to notice, sage Durvasa who is coming on that way. He failed to welcome Durvasa with honour. Angered by this neglect, the hot-tempered Durvasa, cursed Sudhapa to be a ’mandoopam’ (frog). Sage Sudhapa, then observed penance in the frog stature in river Vaigai for long and attained salvation when the sage sighted the Lord and worshipped him. The form of the Lord that the sage saw is called ‘Sundarabahoo’ in Sanskrit and ‘Azhagar’ in Tamil.

Temple Timings : 7.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Nearest Town : Madurai.

Address : Sri Rakkayi Amman temple, Azhagar temple-625 301, Madurai Dt.

Telephone No :  0452-247 0228.

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1.Fortune Pandiyan Hotel

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