Erattai Tirupathi Temple(Raghu)

Thirukkulai Villimangalam(South), Thoothukudi (Dt)


Main Deity : Devarpiran

Holy Water : Varuna Theertham; Thamirabharani.

Prominence of the Shrine : Lord Vishnu is in the standing position at this temple.

Temple History : A rishi called AthereyaSuprabar came to this shrine for performing Yagna( a ritual of offerings accompanied by chanting of Vedic mantras). As He was cleaning a spot , he found a bright bow and a balance(weighing scale) buried there. As he took them, the bow become a man and the balance a women. They told him that they were buried there on account of curse of Lord Kubera. As the Rishi touched them, they got relived from the curse and they left for heaven. Hence the shrine is called Tholaivillimangalam (bow is called as ‘vill’ in tamil).

After this Rishi performed the Yagna in a grand manner and he gave the benefits there of to the Devas. The Devas who were elated due to the Yagna, prayed to Lord Vishnu to appear there. Lord Vishnu also accepted their wish and appeared at this temple. The Moolavar(main idol)is called Devarpiran. Here Vishnu appeared to Indira the chief of the Earth, Varunan the chief of water and Vayu Bhagavan(God of winds).

Temple Timings : 8 A.M To 5 P.M

Nearest Town : Thirunelveli

Address : Erattai Tiruppathi Temple, Thirukkulai villimangalam, Thoothukudi (Dt).

Hotel Near Erattai Tirupathi Temple(Raghu), Thirukkulai Villimangalam(South) :

1.Sakunthala International, (35.9km from Temple)

Trivandrum Road | Vannarpettai,

Tirunelveli 627003, India


2.Hotel Aryaas Ressidence(36.3km from Temple)

Bypass Junction | Vannarapetai,

Tirunelveli 627001, India


3.Hotel Aryaas (37.4km from Temple)

67, Madurai Road | Tirunelveli Junction,

Tirunelveli 627001, India


4.Sri Bharani Hotel (37.4km from  Temple)

29-A, Madurai Road, Tirunelveli Junction |

Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli 627001, India


5.Sri Janakiram Hotels (37.6km from Temple)

30,Madurai Road,

Tirunelveli 627001, India

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