Amirthavalli and Abimugeshar Temple
Kumbakonam, Tanjore District





Main Deity : Shri Abimugeshar.

Ambal : Shri Amirthavalli.

Other Deities : Subramaniar, Dhakshnamurthy, Bairavar, Chandikeshwarar.

Prominence of the shrine : In Shri Amirthavalli and Abimugeshar Temple, we can see Shri  Subramaniar with 6 faces and 12 arms sitting on a peacock, Shri Dhakshnamurthy in yoga posture,  Bairavar and Chandikeshwarar in huge form.  These are the special features in this temple.  This  temple is located in the bed of “Mahamaha pond” where world famous “Mahamaham” festival is  conducted.

Temple History : Lord Shiva is the only God who rules the whole world.  Under this circumstance, by  knowing that the world is going to be destroyed by a cataclysm, Lord Brahma went to Kailash to meet  Lord Shiva and asked him to safeguard Srishti Beejas, Agama Scriptures and mythological legends,  only by using them we can re-create the world.  On hearing the request of Brahma, Lord Shiva told him  the appropriate strategies and said that he would appear before the cataclysmic flood.

On hearing the teachings of Lord Shiva, Brahma made a jug by using mud and Elixir (amudham in  Tamil) and kept Elixir, Srishti Beejas, Agama Scriptures, Epics and Mythological legends inside the jug  and also kept mango leaves, coconut and thread (punul in Tamil).  Then he kept this jug in a temple  located in mahamerumalai in a pot hook and did poojas.

After some years when the flood came, all the 7 oceans rose high and started to destroy the world.  The  jug which was worshipped by Brahma was taken by the flood towards south and stood in a place.  Then  Lord Shiva appeared as a hunter and launched an arrow towards the jug which distorted the nose of the  jug.  The place where the nose fell is called as Kudamukku (Kumbakonam).  And the places where all  other items fell formed into Shivalayas and Theerthas.

After many years, the nine Goddesses Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Sarasvati, Kaveri, Godavari,  Tungabhadra, Krishna and Sarayu went and requested Lord Shiva that they are suffering from the sins  and curses of people who take holy dip in the rivers.  After hearing this Lord Shiva asked them to go to  Baskarashethtram called as Kumbakonam along with Kasi Vishwanathar and take holy dip in Mahamaha  pond to get relieved from their curses and sins.

As per Lord Shiva’s words all the nine Goddesses along with Kasi Vishwanathar went to Kumbakonam  and took holy dip in the Mahamaha pond.  When they worshipped the God, Narikelesa Perumal who was  in east direction turned towards east direction and appeared along with Amirthavalli.  Sumathi, the  daughter of a Brahmin Sudhaban took dip in the holy pond and worshipped the God she was relieved  from her disease.  This temple is located in the bed of “Mahamaha pond” where world famous  “Mahamaham” festival is conducted.

People who worshipped here : Brahma, nine river Goddesses, Sumathi and Macha dynasty king.

Temple Timings : Morning 06:00 am to 11:00 noon, Evening 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Temple Festivals :

February (Masi in Tamil) - 11 days of Masi Maga festival,

September (Puratasi in Tamil) - 10 days of Navaratri festival,

July (Adi in Tamil) - Adippura ceremony,

October (ipasi month) - Annabishekam to Swami,

Nov (Karthigai in Tamil) - Thrikkarthika and Sri Subramanya departure takes place,

December (Margazhi in Tamil) - Tiruvatirai Sri Nataraja departure takes place.

Nearest Town : Kumbakonam.

Temple Address : Shri Amirthavalli and Abimugeshar Temple,

Kumbakonam,Tanjore District. 

Hotel Near Abimugeshar Temple, Kumbakonam :

1. Sivamurugan Hotels

60 Feet Main Road, | Near New Bus Stand,

Kumbakonam 612 001, India

Ph: 096000 00384


2. Sara Regency

45/1 Chennai Road, Kumbakonam 612002, India

Ph:082200 05555


3. Quality Inn VIHA

New Railway Road, Kumbakonam,

Tanjore, Tamil Nadu 612001

Trichy Road, Namakkal

Ph:0435 255 5555


4. Hotel Green Park

No. 10, Lakshmi Vilas Street,

Kumbakonam, South India - 612001.

Ph :(0435) - 2402853 / 2403914


5. Hotel Vinayaga - Kumbakonam

132C, Kamaraj Road,

Kumbakonam- 612 001

Tamilnadu, India

Tele : +91 435 240 03 56

Telefax : +91 435 240 03 57

Mobile: +91 822 001 9 122

Reservation No: +91 4296 272 110

Restaurant Near Abimugeshar Temple, Kumbakonam :

1. Venkatramanaa Hotel

No 40, TSR Big Street, Kumbakonam HO,

Kumbakonam - 612001, Near Gandhi Park

Ph : +(91)-9442130736


2. Sri Balaji Bhavan

1, Sasthra College Road,

Kumbakonam HO, KUMBAKONAM - 612001

Ph : +(91)-435-2424578


3. Hotel Shanmuga Bhavan

16, Kumbeswarar South Street,

Kumbakonam HO, KUMBAKONAM - 612001



4. Gowri Shankar Hotel

No 47, John Selvaraj Nagar,

Kumbakonam HO, Kumbakonam - 612001

Ph : +(91)-9443131276 ,+(91)-435-2431177

 tel  : (91)-435-2430736


5. Rayas Garden Restaurant

No 18 Rayas Hotel, Head Post Office Road,

Kumbakonam HO, Kumbakonam - 612001

Ph :+(91)-435-2423170, 2423171, 2423172, 2423173"


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