About us:

The whole idea started when we the team of history lovers had planned a visit to various temples near Kumbakonam to explore and understand more about History.. What was the sudden urge to explore? That credit goes to the famous Tamil writer Respected & honored Late Kalki Krishnamurthy . Coincidently we all happened to read the famous Book “Ponniyin Selvan” by this renowned author. Also working for some of the renowned IT companies the brains behind the website wanted to do some start up (which is the stimulant of this era).

The completion of “Ponniyin Selvan” made us to search for all the places talked about in it, which narrates the story of the Chola King (Rajaraja Chola I) and his kingdom, during the 9th & 10th Century. The book deciphers the story with many temples in TamilNadu and some of them that have lost their glory during the course of the years.

So we started off to explore and visit a few of these temples that were once part of the famous Chola Dynasty . The drive from Bangalore to the centre destination Thanjavur(Tanjore) was a cake walk , But as we progressed, we found that many temples were not even known by that name among the localities. The villagers had no clue on the background or the story behind the stone cladded building. Many of them didn’t have any routes, sign boards available and we had put quite lot of efforts to reach the destinations.

In fact this made us think of having a common web portal , to facilitate the tourists who either travel down to visit the temples of the state for the historical significance or the spiritual importance. This started the journey of collation of information and we found that we were just at the corner of the ocean. The temples around the state were innumerable and the information was not available at one common place. Some of the information was available only in the native language that restricts the knowledge to reach further.

Wouldn’t your eyebrows raise when you hear Lord Ganesh made up of Sea Foam, he drinks honey throughout the day and doesn’t spill anything or How Lord Siva took the role of a doctor to help a woman to give birth to her child and many more stories like these.. Aren’t these sounds exciting … browse through our pages and you get to know many interesting facts and facets of our culture and mythologies.

As always History is important. It is really important the coming generations are aware of the story of the past, the story of the stones and soil and not just the glory of the almighty in some famous temples.

You might have heard about some of these temples from your grandparents or parents, but never had the opportunity to visit. You may use our live navigator available at the page and try to accomplish through which we can achieve a satisfaction that world is still small – United we stand and India is indeed Incredible!!!