Aadhinadha Perumal Temple

Azhwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi Dt


Main Deity : Aadhinadha perumal (Vishnu).

Ambal : Aadhinadhavalli , Guruhoor valli(separate sannidhi for Thayars)

Holy Water : Brahma Theertham, Thirusanganni thurai.

Temple Tree : Puliamaram(Tamarind Tree)(This Tree is called uranga puli-the tree that doesn’t sleep. The leaves of this tree don’t close during night-This tree is on the Western side of Nammazhwar shrine).

Temple History : Once Brahma asked Vishnu to show him a place for observing penance, Vishnu told him that he had made his appearance on the banks of Thamirabarani river even before Brahma was created. As Vishnu appeared in the remote past he is called Aadhin adhan and Aadhi piran. As Vishnu himself showed the way to Brahma as a Guru, the place is called Guruhoor. A conch which came along with the river worshipped Vishnu here and attained eternity. The conch was otherwise called Guruhu. As Guruhu attained eternity here it is Guruhur. In Tamil it is called Thirusanganni Thurai.( A place Where sangu(conch)attained eternity).A brahmin boy of salagramam called Mandan made fun of the Vedas as he was reading them. He did not read the Vedas properly. The Guru Who taught him cursed him to be born in a low class society. The boy stopped reading and spent his time doing cleaning work at Vishnu temples. In the next birth he was born in a low class family and his name was “thanthan”.He Went to Guruhur Thirusangannithurai and worshiped Aadhinadhan there. The people at guruhur discarded him and he went to the other bank on the east , made Aadhipiran in sand and worshipped him. Suddenly the people Who discarded Thanthan became blind. They surrendered to Vishnu and an eerie voice said that it was the punishment for discarding Thanthan. They reached the place Where Thanthan was staying and begged him for forgiveness and got back their sight. Vishnu appeared before them with his wife Lakshmi and absorbed Thanthan. This brought the name Thantha kshetram. Later a hunter stayed under a banyan tree where Thanthan stayed and he born as a sage in next birth. The hunter on his next birth was called as Sangan . He observer rigorous penance. Sage Naradha asked him the reason for his penance, he said that he wanted ‘Moksha’(freedom from birth). Sage Naradha told him to go to Guruhur and pray to Vishnu there. Sangan turned into conch and prayed to Vishnu Who appeared to him and granted him ’Moksha’. That place is called Thirusangannithurai. The Tamarind tree here is Lakshmana it is said. As Lakshmana is Aadhiseshan it is called Kshetram. As the sages Wanted to see Varaha Avatar here , Vishnu appeared with his concert as Varaha Narayanan. Hence came the name Varahathiram. It is also called Theertha Kshetram as even a dog was given Moksha. Panchamuha Kshetram is another name of this Shrine. Here Nammazhwar crawled about as a baby and even today the figure of a baby is found in the Tamarind tree. It is said that the feet of Aadhipiran are inside the earth. Nammazhwar scalded the water of Thamirabarani and Madhurakavi directed his powers and skills into it and created a sculpture untouched by hand.

Poets who sang its praise : Nammazhwar,Madhurakavi

Temple Timings : 7.30 -12.00A.M, 5.00 -8.00P.M

Nearest Town : Tirunelveli.

Address : Sri AadhinadhaVishnu Temple, Azhwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi Dt.

Hotel Near Aadhinadha Perumal Temple, Azhwar Thirunagari :

1.Sakunthala International, (29.6km from Temple)

Trivandrum Road | Vannarpettai,

Tirunelveli 627003, India


2.Hotel Aryaas Ressidence(32km from Temple)

Bypass Junction | Vannarapetai,

Tirunelveli 627001, India


3.Hotel Aryaas (31.2km from Temple)

67, Madurai Road | Tirunelveli Junction,

Tirunelveli 627001, India


4.Sri Bharani Hotel (31.2km from  Temple)

29-A, Madurai Road, Tirunelveli Junction |

Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli 627001, India


5.Sri Janakiram Hotels (31.2km from Temple)

30,Madurai Road,

Tirunelveli 627001, India


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