Here are some fascinating facts about temples and Gods worshipped in Tamil Nadu.


Do you know about the Ganesha idol made of sea foam?  

It is present in Thiruvalanchuzhi!


Have you ever worshipped Mahishasura Marthini in a calm and composed pose?

Sounds improbable that such an image exists? Visit Patteswaram !


Cholas built more than 300 Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu. But do you know the God they worshipped before each war?

It was Vadapathra Kali.


Have you ever worshipped Lord Vishnu is in sleeping, standing and dancing position?

You can at Thirukoshtiyuoor !


Have you heard of incredible Garuda idol whose weight increases as it crosses each of the temple praharas?

Yes, there is such an idol. Visit Nachiar Kovil to witness this phenomenon for yourself!


Have you worshipped Shiva Lingas linked to 27 stars?

Visit Thiruvidaimarudur !


Have you heard of the son who preached to his own father?

It was Swamimalai


Did you hear the Milk abhishekam that turns into blue color as a symbol of poison?

Visit Thirunageswaram to witness this phenomenon


Deva’s chieftain Indra conducts a mid night pooja for this god daily. Can you name the deity?

It is Suchindram..


Lord Shiva appeared as a witness to save a devotee. Did you know who this devotee was?

It was Thiruppurambiam !


More amazing facts about the deities and temples of Tamil Nadu coming soon..