Travel arrangements, pooja arrangements for Raghu Temple, Thirunageswaran.

FindMyTemple has extensive experience arranging travel and rituals. We have helped many NRI families perform important life rituals (like  shasthipoorthi or shasthiaptapoorthi Pooja at Thirukadaiyur). People visiting from other parts within India also find our services of immense help, since we have detailed information of the local logistics and people. 

Services Offered: We have indepth understanding of local transport network, the facilities available at the temples, the temple staff and the rituals performed at each temple. This helps us get you the perfect plan for your visit. If you intend to undertake specific puja and rituals, we arrange for everything from appointment with the pujari to samagri (items) needed for the puja. We also work with our local transport partners, so cab facilities are at the ready for your arrival. Make the most of your visit. Leave the details to us.

Special note: We are a team passionate about the temples of Tamil Nadu. We are not in the business of making easy money. Our only ambition is to help bring the beautiful Temples of Tamil Nadu closer to you. Do explore the temple pages on this site to get an understanding of our deep commitment to the temples, rituals and culture of Tamil Nadu.


Do you want to pooja for Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha at Raghu Temple, Thirunageswaran?

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Naga Dosha Parihara






What exactly is Naga Dosha or Sarpa Dosha?

Naga Dosha or Sarpa dosha is reflected in symptoms in life such as disturbance in family life, property disputes, child loss or not having children. If you see such problems in life occurring frequently, without a clear cause, consult a reliable astrologer for an analysis of your kundali and perform appropriate pooja at Raghu Temple in Thirunageswaran.


How to perform pooja for removing Naga Dosha or Sarpa Dosha ?

Naga Dosha or Sarpa Dosha pooja is performed properly at the Thirukadaiyur temple. How to perform this pooja? Leave it to the experts! FindMyTemple team works with the temple authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the pooja. 


What is the samagri for Naga Dosha pooja? What pooja material should I get for the Naga  pooja? Where do I get these in Thirunageswaran?

With FindMyTemple around, you need not worry about the pooja samagri / material. We will have everything ready for you when you arrive for the ritual. This is part of the travel and pooja package we offer. So just relax and experience the pooja with all your heart.


Do click here to know more about the ritual and about Amirthakadeswarar temple of Thirukadaiyur. Or ask for a call to know more about the pooja services.  


Other temples we cater to:

  • Thirukadaiyur temple: It is considered very auspicious to visit this temple and perform puja on the 60th birthday of any individual. This temple is open throughout the year and has patrons visiting every day of the year. Get our team to help you plan a happy 60th birthday. Click here to know more.

  • Saneeswaran temple, Thirunallaru: For those who have Sani Dosha, Saneeswarann temple visit is highly recommended. We manage transport and pooja services to Saneeswaran temple, Thirunallaru. Click here to know more.

  • Vaitheeswaran Kovil: Vaitheeswaran Kovil is the destination for one with Sevvai Dosha. Help us arrange your visit to Vaitheeswaran, Kovil. Click here to know more.


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Don't see a temple you would like to go to? Request for services to that temple. You can request services to a new temple through the feedback form. Click here.

Note: Are you looking for epuja / epooja services? Epooja is the latest trend in Hindu rituals. There are many websites offering this. But we are not among them. Nothing pleases us more than if we can encourage you to personally experience the minutae of a properly conducted ritual. Obviously physical or other limitations demand that you resort to epooja, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to refer reliable remote pooja service providers to you.