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Main Deity : Anjaneya (Hanuman) - Sri Vishwaroopa Aadhivyathihara Baktha Anjaneya Swamy.

Other Deities : Rama, Krishna, Garuda, Ganesha, Naga.

Prominence of the Shrine : Hanuman at this temple is 32 feet high and it is made up of on a single  stone.  As a general practice, you  can notice “Vada Garland” (Vada is a type of food) at Hanuman  temples.  At this temple every day 6000 Vadas are prepared and  garland is made out of it.  As per  the known historical information Tanjore Big temple was constructed by placing the idol first and then  the temple was built.  Nanganallur Anjaneya temple was constructed in that same fashion as first the  idol was incarnated and then the  entire temple complex was constructed.  The temple tower is 92  feet high and the “kalasam” kept on the top of the tower is made up of  copper and covered by gold  plates.  Sannidhis for Rama, Krishna, Garuda, Ganesha and Naga were constructed lately.

Temple History : This temple has been constructed in the year 1995. Kanchi Sankarachariar  “Chandrasekara Swami” named this place initially as Nangai Nallur and later become Nanaganallur.   Kanchi Sankarachariar entrenched the 32 Feet Anjaneya Idol. Anjaneya here is called as Sri  Vishwaroopa Aadhivyathihara Baktha Anjaneya Swamy” .

Temple Timings : Morning 5:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon. Evening 4:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Address : Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple,

Ram Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai – 600 061.

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