Vadapathragali Temple



Main Deity: Nisambasoothani,Vadapathrakalli

History : The Nisumba Soodhani temple is situated in Thanjavur town. The temple is much older than the great Tanjore big temple. This is built by Vijayalaya Chola after his victory over Pandiyas in Thirupurampiyam war. (The great Tamil writer Kalki, in his master piece “Ponniyin Selvan”, refers Thirupurampiyam War as comparable to “Battle of Waterloo” or “Battle of Panipet” in the history) The deity in this temple is ferocious form of Goddess Durga. She is very powerful with eight hands and in the pose of killing Nisumban (Asura). The furious face and eyes of the deity are remarkable. The Chola kings had a habit of worshipping her before going to the war and they believed Nisumba Soodhani as a goddess of victory. This temple is also called as Vada Badrakaali or Ragukaala Kali Kovil. The sad state of this temple is, many people living nearby doesn’t aware of the historical importance of this temple.
This temple is also referred many times in the historical novel called “Udaiyar” by tamil writer Balakumaran. The Udaiyar novel mainly describes about the Great Raja Raja chola and how he constructed the Tanjore big temple.

Temple Timing : 6.00 am-12.00 Noon, 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Nearest Town : Tanjavur

Address : Vadapathragali Temple, Ravuthan Koil Street , Tanjavur District.

Hotels Near Vadapathragali Temple, Tanjore :

1.Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur

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2.Hotel Parisutham

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5.Star Residency

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Restaurant Near Vadapathragali Temple, Tanjore :

1.Hotel Ramnath,

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