Arasankudi Shiva Temple

Trichy District


Main Deity : Lord Shiva.

Prominence of the Shrine : The Arasankudi Shiva temple is 2000 years old.  The Kallanai adds to the fame of Trichy.  The Kallanai  Dam which was built across the River Kaveri [also known as Cauvery] is the first Dam to be built across a river in the world.  Karikala  Peruvalathan [Karikala Chola], the Chola king who ruled here with Trichy Uraiyur as the capital 2000 years ago built the Kallanai in  those days with stupendous Technology.  This dam still stands firm, solid and steady.  Since the people were depressed because the  Kaveri river flooded recurrently, Karikala Peruvalathan decided to build a dam across the river.  The Tamils found a way to construct a  dam across the water which flowed at the rate of 2 lakh cubic units per second.  When we stand in the seashore, the waves touch our  feet.  At that time, the sand is washed away and our feet is submerged in the sand.  They used the same tact in the construction of the  dam.  They brought many big, heavy rocks in the river.  Due to the washing away of the sand by the water, the rocks would begin to go  below little by little.  Over that rock, they would place another rock and between the two rocks they would put in a type of clay which is  insoluble in water, thus the two rocks would adhere and be held together firmly.  The basic structure of Kallanai still stands firm.  Now  and then renovation and preserving works are done.  The Kallanai which stands firm and solid, undestroyed by time stands as a perfect  example for the Scientific knowledge of the early Tamils about water and sand.

Temple History : When Karikala Chola was building the Kallanai Dam, it was unsteady and kept on breaking.  The place where he lived  at that time is Arasankudi.  When he was living here, Lord Shiva appeared in his dream and told him to start reconstructing the dam  after building a temple for Lord Shiva and worshipping him there.  As per the Lord’s order, the king did and finished the construction of  the Kallanai Dam.  As the king lived in Arasankudi and supervised the construction of the dam, the temple got the name “Arasankudi  Shiva temple".  The temple has sculptures depicting the king ’s worship to the Lord in this temple.

People who worshipped here : Karikala Peruvalathan [Karikala Cholan].

Temple Timings : Morning 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon, Evening 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Nearest Town : Thiruverumbur.

Address : Arasankudi Shivan Temple,

Arasankudi, Near Kallanai, Trichy District.

Hotels Near Arasankudi Shiva Temple, Trichy 

1. Mathura Hotel, 

No 1, Rockins Road, Tiruchirappalli, Town hall,

Trichy - 620 002, Opposite Central Bus Stand Contonment 

Tel : +(91)-431-2414737, +(91)-9894558654.


2. Mayavaram Lodge, 

No 87, Vanapattarai Street, Tiruchirappalli Town hall,

Trichy - 620 002, Teppakulam Post,

Tel : +(91)-431-2711400, 2704089


3. Femina Hotel, 

109, Williams Road, Tiruchirappalli - 620 001,

Hotel Area: Trichy Central Bus Stand / Railway Junction Area,

Tel : 0431 - 2414501.


4. Hotel Rockfort View, 

05, Odathurai Road | Chinthamani, Tiruchirappalli 620 002.

Mobile: +91 740 2713466.

Tel : +91 431-2713466.


5. Grand Gardenia,

22-25 Mannarpuram Junction,Trichy - 620 020,

Mobile : +91 95856 44000.

Tel : +91 431 4045000.

Restaurants Near Arasankudi Shiva Temple, Trichy :

1. Ragunath Restaurant,

College Road, Tiruchirappalli.


2. Parthasarathy vilas,

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

Kondayam Pettai Agraharam,

Thiruvanaikoil, Trichy - 620 005.

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