Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple

Sankaran Kovil, Tirunelveli


Main Deity : Sri Sankara Narayana Swamy, Sri Sankara Linga Swamy.

Ambal : Sri Gomathi Amman.

Holy Water : Naga Sunai.

Temple Tree : Punnai tree.

Prominence of the Shrine : Among the Pancha shrines in Pandya Nadu, this shrine is dedicated for sand. On 21st,22rd and 23rd of march and on 21st,22nd and 23rd September when the sun rises, its rays fall on Sankara Lingar. It is mentioned in the temple history that lord sun worships Sankara Lingar these days.

Temple History : A Naga king called ‘Sangan’ who was much devoted to lord Shiva and ‘Paduman’ another king much devoted to Vishnu. Both of them always used to fight about which god is great between Shiva and Vishnu. They approached Goddess Parvathi. In order to impress upon the fact that both Shiva and Vishnu were equal, Parvathi observed penance and appealed to them to show the word with the unified appearance of both. As a result Shiva and Vishnu appeared as ‘Sankara Narayanan’ (Sankara represents Shiva and Narayanan represents Vishnu). Acceding to the wish of Ambal Lord Shiva appeared as Sankara Lingam. The two Naga kings worshipped Sankara Lingam for long. As years passed by the lingam was covered by anthill. The Naga kings were inside. A devotee attempted to raze down the anthill and while doing so he accidentally cut the tail of the snake. Blood spurted out. The devotee was alarmed and peeped into the anthill and found the lingam there. Later The Pandya king who heard of this news, built a temple for the Lord. 

Temple Timings : 5.00 am to 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Pooja Details : Poojas are performed seven times a day. They are:
Thiruvanandal :7.00 am.
Vila pooja:6.30am.
Siru kala sandhi:8.30am.
Kala sandhi:10.30pm.
Uchi kala sandhi:12.30pm.

Temple Festivals :
1.Aadi-Aadi Thapasu Festival -15days.

2.Purattasi- Navarathri - 9days.
3.Aippasi- Thiru Kalyanam - 12days.
4.Margazhi- Thiruvembhavai Festival -10 days.

Nearest Town : Rajapalayam.

Address : Sri Sankara Narayanar temple, Sankaran Kovil, Tirunelveli -627756.

Hotel Near Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple, Sankaran Kovil :

1.Sri Sudharsana Residency,

North Car Street,  Sankarankovil,

Tamil Nadu 627756

Ph : 04636 222 220


2. AAR Royal Residency,

255/2, Rajapalayam Road,

Opp Head Post Office,

Sankarankovil,Tamil Nadu 627756,

Ph : 04636 222 262.


3.Sivakasi Nadar Hotel,

13,Angoor Vinayagar kovil Street SH 41

Sankarankovil,Tamil Nadu 627756,

Ph : 098421 22998.


4.Gurusamy Hotel,


Tamil Nadu 627756.


5.Sultan Briyani Hotel,

Kalugumalai Road, Kakkan Nagar,

Sankarankovil, Tamil Nadu 627756

Restaurant Near Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple, Sankaran Kovil :

1.Shree Banu Hotel,

Behind Pertrol Bulk, Sankarankoil, Gomathiyapuram,

Sankarankovil, Tamil Nadu 627756.


2.Sivakasi Nadar Mess A/c,

Angoor Vinayagar Kovil Street, Kakkan Nagar,

Sankarankovil, Tamil Nadu 627756,

Ph : 099426 79999.

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