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Main Deity : Bagavathi Amman.

Holy Water : Pabanasa Theertham.

Prominence of the Shrine : Confluence of the three Oceans is called as “Kumari Munai”. It is a general believe that, those who worship at Kasi should go to Kanniyakumari and worship Bagavathi Amman.

Vivekananda Memorial Mandapam: To the east of kumara tip there are two beautiful rocks. The bigger of them has an area of 3 acres and it is 55 ft high above the sea level. There is an impression resembling the footprint. It is believed that it is the footprint of Devi. In 1892, Swami Vivekananda on his Yatra, came here and after offering worship at the temple sat here on the rock and performed Meditation. A Mandapam is built in memory of him. On some Full Moon days, it is splendid to see the evening sun setting in the west and the full moon rising on the eastern horizon.

Temple History : The temple history is as great as the beautiful natural scenery around it. Lord Rama came here first to make way for going to Sri Lanka and he built a bridge here. It did not work out. He worshipped the Goddess Bhagavathi and based on her advice, he went to Rameswaram. From then on kumara yard was called “Aadhi sedhu” according to the temple history. People bathing at Kanyakumari would chant mantras referring to this. The Tamil Epic Manimekalai also refers to the monkeys building the first bridge to Sri Lanka. In Kanyakumari district Ramanthurai, Raman pudur are names of some villages. Once a demon called Banasuran conquered the three worlds and tortured the Devas. The Devas who could not tolerate his atrocities, went to Lord Shiva and expressed their predicament. The lord made “kanni Bagavathi “ using all his power. Banasuran saw Devi and fell a victim to her beauty and decided to abduct her. He tried to threaten her using his sword also. He had forgotten the truth that his end was only in the hands of a spinster. Devi who is Parasakthi rose against him and cut off his head. This is enacted during Navarathri every year. It is called ‘Parivettai’ and this festival gives everyone happiness. The incident Kumari Amman fighting with drawn sword is portrayed on the eastern wall of the sanctum sanctorum. After she had achieved her aim, Kanni Bagavathi performed penance by standing on one leg to attain the Lord at Suchindram as her husband. The Lord also consented to marry her. Preparations were made. As the bridegroom did not reach at the allotted time, the enraged Devi turned into a statue destroying all objects collected there. It is belief that, the sands on the shore in different colours are the objects turned so by the curse of Devi.

Temple Timings : 4.30 am to 12.30 pm. 4.00 pm to 8.15 pm.

Pooja Details : Six times a day. kala Sandhi -8.00 am, Abhishekam pooja-10.00 am, uchikalam-11.30 am, sayaratchai-6.30 pm, Artha Jamam-8.00 pm.

Temple Festivals : Purattasi-Navarathri-10 days, vaikasi-visakam-10 days, Therottam;Theppotsavam-10 thousand devotees throng here. The idol of Devi is taken through the streets here. on the ninth day it is the temple car festival and the tenth day Theppam festival is held. The well decorated Theppam with the idol of Devi is taken clockwise in the tank.

Address : Sri Bagavathi Amman Temple, Kanyakumari- 629 702. Kanyakumari Dt.

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