Subrahmanya Swamy Temple




Main Deity : Sri Subrahmanya Swamy (aka., Senthil Andavar, Lord Murugan)

Ambal : Valli, Devasena (Deivanai)

Temple Tree : Saravana Poygai.

Prominence of the Shrine : This is 2nd of 6 sacred houses of Lord Murugan. This is the only temple located in the seashore out of the six sacred houses. This temple is considered to be equal to mount Kailash.

Lord Muruga quelled Asura named “Sura padman” on “Sasti” of the tamil month Aippasi. That day is celebrated as Kanda Sasti and is very famous festival at this temple .Normally, the Raja Gopuram will be in the eastern side of temples in Tamil Nadu. But in Tiruchendur alone the Raja Gopuram is in the western side. It is said that the Raja Gopuram was not erected on the eastern side since the sea is very close in the eastern side. n temple

Mela Gopuram has nine levels and it is about 137 feet high above Yalimattam, 90 feet long north to south and 65 feet broad east to west. At the top of the Gopuram the width is 20 feet and the length is 49 feet. To indicate that the Gopuram consists of 9 levels there are nine Kalasams (sacred copper pots) at the top of the Gopuram.

Temple History : At this location the Lord Muruga quelled Asura ‘Sura padman’ and appears along with Victorious Flag (flag with Rooster) and Vel(a divine spear). The soldiers whom fought with Sura padman were later called as “Ayyanars” who is a family god across villages at Tamil Nadu.

One of the wonder at Tiruchendur is the temple well (Nazhi Kinaru). Though this well is very close to the sea the temple water is in very good taste. All the devotees visit this temple first take bath at sea and then they will take bath at this well before they worship the Lord. The history behind this temple and well is very interesting.

Two asura kings Daraga Asura and Sura Padma performed penance against the Gods and they got many powers which led them to arrest Devas. In north India Daraga Asura was torturing and in the south Sura Padma was doing the same to the people and the devas. On the request of Devas, Lord Muruga quelled both the Asuras. When Lord Muruga arrived to south (Tiruchendur) he came in his holy vehicle peacock. The Deva chieftain Indra converted himself as a peacock and helped Muruga to reach Tiruchendur.

It took about five days to defeat the Sura padma’s army and his brothers. On the sixth day, Sura padman alone was alive and he came to the war to oppose Lord Muruga. He could not kill the Lord Muruga so he went and hide in the palace which was under the sea (Bay of Bengal). Later he changed himself as a huge tree and fought with Lord Muruga. Murugan killed Sura padman by cutting the tree into two pieces. Sura padman realized his mistake and worshipped the Lord Murugan. Based on his humble request he changed one of the piece of tree as the Rooster (which is in his flag) and the other piece as peacock (which is his vehicle) so that Sura padma can always be with Lord Murugan.

After the war, the army of Murugan felt thirsty. To quench their thirsty Lord created a well near to the temple location which provided a very tasty water though it is closed to the sea shore. This holy temple is constructed with a circumference of 14 feet. The outer layer of the water will be salty and the inner layer will be sweat here is a wonder.

Poets who sang its praise : Arunagiri Nathar

Temple Timings : Morning 5 AM to evening 9 PM.

Temple Festivals : Panguni uththiram, Karthigai, Vaigasi Vishagam, Kantha Sasti.
There is a 12 day festival after kantha sasti to celebrate the quelling of the asura.
SuraSamharam ( the quelling of Sura padmadan) is a most famous festival at this temple.

Nearest Town : Tirunelveli

Address : Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Tiruchendur – 628 -205, Tuticorin District.

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